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I’m 52 years old and practice full time as an EMDR and Hypnotherapy specialist practitioner, with clinics in Hitchin & Cornwall

Meet Adrian

I’m a fully qualified and registered professional EMDR & Clinical Hypnotherapy Specialist Practitioner, based in the UK in Hitchin & Cornwall, where I have since 1988 been practising Healing & Clinical Hypnotherapy & EMDR after I had witnessed first hand the power Hypnotherapy and EMDR had to heal myself.

Through my extensive positive personal experiences with EMDR & Hypnotherapy I have helped many others regain control of their own lives fast, in a supportive, easy, safe environment, to be finally free from the exceptionally challenging psychological and physical conditions we all may suffer from in our daily lives and in our past effecting us still, with special regard for the treatment of Covid-19 anxieties.

No matter the anxiety, fear, phobia, stress, trauma, addiction or worries concerning your well-being, or any associated mental health or weight issues you may be struggling with, you can be assured my expert team and I am here to help you every step of the way – why? Because I was once where you were too which is why I changed career to help others.

I have opened up EMDR to the every day person by charging far less – up to 75% less, to ensure there are no barriers to accessing treatment and we dispense with the drawn out convoluted administrative practises that help safely speed up treatment times so you attend far less and pay far less! This is why we are highly recommended by all our clients and our referral rate is very high.

I am also the author of the EASY EMDR series of books for HOME USE – these are the World’s 1st books to explain in plain language the No.1 Treatment to fully resolve Anxiety and Emotional Trauma – in just 4 easy steps making EMDR finally accessible to Everyone Everywhere! And with magical spells and illustrations to engage a child’s mind they are suitable for use with children and adults. These books are part of a Global Mental Health Change Initiative and are available to buy in paperback or on Kindle from Amazon.

I am also the first therapist in the world to pioneer web based EMDR 2 years before the covid pandemic as a result of international clients Asking for virtual or online therapy as a result of having read one of My Home Use EASY EMDR books, and I have now been practicing Online EMDR via ZOOM for 5 years with the exact same positive outcome.

No matter if you buy the books or attend for personal 1-2-1 therapy we are here to help you get to a position of wellness, or return to work rapidly and cost effectively – this is our commitment and guarantee to you.

We also work to provide EMDR services to charity helping children and their families from disadvantaged backgrounds over come trauma. With over 25% of children suffering from mental health issues and self harm we are industry leaders in the provision of EMDR services healing children and adults.

The EASY EMDR book series recommended for home use for Everyone Everywhere


(but not limited to with access to over 600 conditions)
  • Children

  • Trauma

  • Anger Management

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Chronic Pain

  • Weight Management & Healthy

  • Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

  • Armed Forces Veterans PTSD

  • Stop Smoking in 1 Session

  • Addiction & Phobias

  • Driving & Exams

  • Adults

  • Addictions

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic IBS

My Story

At 52 i had many positive past experiences myself with EMDR & hypnosis that changed my life when faced with absolute adversity, and when every other medical intervention had failed. I am thus a passionate, dedicated, warm & friendly, empathetic real life role model providing tangible testament to the true power of EMDR as a treatment for psychological trauma and anxiety & Hypnotherapy as a complimentary effective clinical therapy.

Following a severe sustained child hood trauma I manifested an intolerable fear of heights and a severe binge eating disorder which led to anxiety, obesity, unhappiness and an overwhelming sense of a lack of self-worth. As a result as an adult I strived to be a perfectionist to compensate for the hurt and angry perception of myself in childhood, almost working myself to death in order to succeed in a revered highly successful award winning business career. That only ended in a severe episode of personal and work related stress, which resulted in severe anxiety and depression. I was subsequently diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Complex PTSD) and underwent extensive counselling and therapy.

After a few months of seeing no progress I turned to hypnosis at my lowest point when all else had failed. I was astounded at the immediate, powerful and highly effective results. I was firstly cured of my fear of heights, completely – tried and tested! At a further session I was then able to immediately alleviate all the psychological problems associated with the severe stress and anxiety I was experiencing – in just one session! That same day I reverted back to being the person I always was, strong, confident, wonderful and happy, leading a stress and anxiety free life.

I went on through EMDR to successfully tackle the difficult underlying diagnosis of PTSD, and in the period after, I instead experienced what is termed Post Traumatic ‘Growth’. After facing and overcoming so much adversity I realised I had the ability to help others address their own fears surrounding stress, anxiety and PTSD, including Armed Forces veterans of which I am one, and sports enthusiasts (with 3 out of 4 gym users experiencing mental health issues). The 1MIND organisation I have established is proud to help ex serviceman and women suffering from PTSD in our work supporting the Royal British Legion, and adult survivors of Child Abuse and rape victims in support of the National Survivors Trust, working to tackle the growing issues of Mental Health – at 1MIND a real difference is being made to peoples lives daily. So please reach out to see how we can truly help you, you are no longer alone – like I was once. Highly effective specialist treatment is now available. all you need to do is call to find out how we can help.

And so I went on to study EMDR & Hypnosis professionally whilst also studying CBT and Aschema techniques, Stress & Anxiety, Anger Management, Relationships, Assertiveness and Mindfulness. My most profound epiphany came when I was practising self hypnosis. Still suffering from binge eating and being heavily over weight I decided to carry out on myself the pinnacle of techniques – Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery. I emerged free from my addiction to food instantly! With my mind convinced my stomach had shrank to the size of a golf ball I was only able to eat very small nutritious meals and felt full much quicker.  No diet had ever made me feel satisfied in this way. Finally the pounds then literally dropped off weekly before my eyes, and I lost over 3 stone in 3 months whilst maintaining a healthy weight.

The results were so incredible I decided to specialise in this field whilst still providing other hypnotherapy services covering a wide and diverse subject range.

I am the author of the nine book EASY EMDR series that is the world’s first Home Use EMDR books simplified in plain language, the No. 1 Anxiety and Trauma Treatment made accessible for the everyday person for Home Use. The series took 4 years of development and testing before being released as a Global Mental Health Change Initiative with the aim of helping 20 million children by 2020. In my career I have appeared on numerous main stream TV and News programs and have had the honour of serving with the UK and US military as a former service man and civilian trainer. I have also worked with many VIP’s and celebrities.

I pride myself on providing a service of excellence and effectiveness to clients who are committed to change. I have held a clean Criminal Records Check since 1988 and currently hold an Enhanced DBS Clearance to work with both adults and children and to provide dedicated and specialist support services to Adult Survivors of Child Abuse in support of the National Survivors Trust. My work has been recognised with Gold awards from the Mayor of London and community awards from the Metropolitan Police.

If I only knew then what I know now, I would have turned a long time ago to Hypnotherapy & EMDR, saving myself and my family years of anguish. But positively I am able to, as a result understand and empathise with all my clients in a way that most therapists cannot. It is widely acknowledged the best therapists are those who have suffered the most personally, who then go onto achieve the greatest of things, driven by their absolute passion and dedication to help others, as efficiently as caring as possible.

So contact me now to discuss your own ‘story’ and let’s not lose any more time. Say good bye to diets, cravings, hunger, stress, anger, frustration, pain, grief, trauma, and old behaviours that don’t work for you any more – know that you can feel & be different!

Alternatively for a full list of conditions suitable for EMDR & Hypnotherapy and the services I offer please click here for the links

Professionally Registered & Insured

Proudly supporting our Veterans as a former serviceman. Member of the Professional Hypnotherapy Practioners Association No. 0630 Quality checked by the National Hypnotherapy Society Specialist Training accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council Professionally registered, accredited and fully insured practioner with Enhanced DBS Clearance

* You should aways seek guidance from your GP or healthcare practitioner before attending certain therapy. Hypnotherapy whilst highly effective as an intervention cannot be guaranteed as it requires personal commitment.


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