Why Choose Advanced EMDR?

EMDR has traditionally taken 12-18 sessions to resolve trauma, with 4-6 sessions for history taking alone. With older models standard therapists will only treat 1-2 memories of trauma, where as with new advanced models we can now treat 10-15 memories per session. The advancements in technology and provision now also mean we can treat clients from anywhere in the world with virtual EMDR, which Adrian Radford-Shute was the first to pioneer in 2019 way before the Covid pandemic, as well as still providing in person face to face clinics in the UK. Here are just some of the very important comparisons that demonstrate just how effective and easy Advanced EMDR has become:

EMDR Service Comparison

EMDRNo of SessionsHistory Taking% Treated in 1 VisitCourse DurationTalking RequiredNo of Memories treated in 1 sessionCost per HourOverall Cost per courseFace to FaceVirtual / International
Standard12-18 Sessions 4-6 Hours0%3-5 MonthsYes Verbal1 -2 memories£90£1080 - £1620YesNo
Advanced2-3 Sessions45 mins80%1 - 2 weeksNo Non-Verbal10-15 memories plus£140£280 - £360YesYes

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