Specialist Hypnotic Gastric Band

Physical Gastric Band Surgery has become widely publicised as a last resort option for many people who are considered morbidly obese, but often people are turned away by the NHS and private clinics who are just overweight or obese. With the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, reporting “Obesity in Women Is A National Risk” in her annual 2014 report, many women and indeed men are now turning to Hypnotic Gastric banding as a solution. With an even higher success rate of 85% compared to 70% for physical surgery and without the serious side effects of nausea, vomitting and local pain from the operation itself, it’s no wonder this non-invasive, safe, instant alternative to achieve rapid weight loss has gained much in popularity. Cost has often been an issue with physical surgery with clinics charging in excess of £4000. Hypnotic Gastric Band therapy is around just 5% of the cost which makes it an affordable option. The cost of therapy can be recouped on your food bill in the 1st month alone, and as we recognise the benefits this has bought personaly to us, we are providing this service with the inclusion of Specialist EMDR, as we want to turn the obesity epidemic around – and help you – not lose but GET RID of fat!

As a specialist in this area I will take your through the operation as if it is really happening, but without the anxiety and pain, and your mind will react convincingly to the thought your stomach is now the size of a golf ball. I have a 100% success rate and clients report feeling fuller much quicker without feeling grumpy or experiencing cravings. As a result rapid weight loss follows and you will start to feel healthier and happier, while preparing and eating smaller nutrious and delicous meals.

This procedure can be undertaken in just 1 x 2 hour session, I use EMDR a highly effective and powerful treatment to reinforce the effect of the simulated operation. Following therapy you may need to tighten the band in order to adjust the effects, just as you would with real time physical surgery. Y Group sessions can be arranged.

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